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 Rizi Rice Oil

Rizi Rice Oil

Product Origin:
Rice has been and continues to be the largest source of human nutrition. Rice Bran Oil comes from the thin brown coating between the rice kernel and the protective husk. This coating called bran contains valuable nutritious components such as proteins, vitamins, minerals and lecithin. Oil is extracted from the bran. During the extraction process oil is carefully separated with the highly valued vitamins intact. As a result, the oil is naturally fortified with an abundance of vitamin E, gamma oryzanol and the essential fatty acids
Recommended Uses:
Rice bran oil performs well as frying oil. Its mild flavor does not overwhelm the food so it is the perfect choice for frying applications that are flavor sensitive. Compared to most other oils Rice Bran Oil is low in linolenic acid and yet retains up to 20% saturated fat. It is for this reason, tests have shown that Rice Bran Oil has a fry life and storage life superior to most other oils. Rice Bran Oil does not require hydrogenation. It is also free of the undesirable trans fatty acid.
The major objective in stir-frying is to cook the food without destroying or overwhelming the food's natural flavors. This requires great skill in the selection of the temperature of stir-frying, stirring intensity and time. The choice of frying oil also affects the quality of the stir-fry. Since Rice Bran Oil does not overwhelm the flavor of the food and does not break down easily at high temperatures it is the oil of choice for stir-frying.
Rice Bran Oil is used for snack coating. With its high level of naturally occurring antioxidants it can be used to encapsulate the snack and assist to preserve it from degradation.
Salad Oil  
Rice Bran Oil being mild in aroma and flavor is a great alternative for consumers who find the intensely flavored and aromatized oils such as olive and peanut oils overwhelming. Its stability makes it a good salad dressing carrier preserving the flavors in most dressing formulas.

Product Features:  
Rice Bran Oil is used as both cooking and salad oil. It has been considered by many culinary and health experts as the superior all-round oil.
Naturally high in Vitamin E
Rich in Gamma Oryzanol, which has been found reduces LDL cholesterol
Low in saturated fat with a good balance of poly and mono unsaturated fats
Consisting of almost 80% of oleic and linoleic fatty acids while free of trans fatty acids (TFA’s)
Anti-oxidant properties provide oxidation stability and produce foods with good storage life
With low viscosity and weak adhesion properties even at low temperatures, Rice Bran Oil will adhere less to food
Recommended by the American Heart Association and WHO