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Market Research

Why a trade agent or importer?

Market Research: It can be of great use for an exporter to work with a trade agent, because Caribecom executes Market Studies containing more than only numbers and statistics. We literally dive into your potential market, talk with your possible buyers, consumers and if needed carefully with future competitors.
This face to face approach gets much more relevant information that can be implemented and used in your day to day business.

  • A trade agent knows the consuming market
  • He is able to build a costumers file for the exporter within a reasonable period
  • The investments for an exporter are relatively low

The Netherlands
“Gateway to Europe”:
 Why execute a Market Research?

The Netherlands is a small country with 17 Million inhabitants. The Netherlands have one of the biggest harbour and Airport of Europe. The country is also famous about his infrastructure, international trading and his geographical position. Thanks to the rivers, Rhine and Meuse and other transportation facilities, we could easily penetrate new markets and existed markets like Great Brittan, Germany, France and Belgium.

  • It is the difference between a successful introduction or a costly mis-introduction
  • The study earns itself back, because most exporters under estimate the value of a market study. We have seen many entrepreneurs entering a market who could have saved additional costs if a proper survey/feasibility was done: Caribecom saves you: a lot of money spent at exhibitions, costs of travelling, an expensive export manager.
  • Useful information from new markets (do you have to change the brandname or the packaging? what is your unique selling point in this market? which customers do pay? What should be your entrée strategy using an agent, broker or importer or sell direct?)
  • Competitors information
  • Higher Sales
  • Study can be used as a guideline by a potential importer
  • Study can be used to get trade financing