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Caribecom Trading BV is a ‘small’ but efficient company, we work as trade agents, importers and marketeers for food producers. The company started in 2001 and successfully introduced new brands and products to retail and wholesale markets. The owner of Caribecom is Mr Bart J. Rouwers. He studied Commercial Economics and has obtained a bachelor degree in marketing and international trade. He spent several years abroad in the Caribbean (Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad, Miami, Curacao, Guyana and Surinam) as marketeer and trader in rice (a commodity and consumer product). Here our company name is derived from ; Caribbean and Commodities. The company is specialised in marketing of rice, rice oil, sugar, palmsugar and milkpowder. We also execute independent and very practical market studies for food suppliers abroad who want to penetrate a new market. We work efficient with a no-nonsense mentality and low overheads.